An Introduction to the Moral Argument

by Alan Anderson

moral argumentIn our current day, proclaiming that you’re a Christian is somewhat of a social taboo in the eyes of many social media outlets. Christians are seemingly becoming the minority in the eyes of the Western secular culture with our alleged outlandish and intolerant moral views on popular social issues such as homosexuality and abortion. The media often portrays Christians in a rather unflattering manner as a hateful, intolerant, bigoted, judgmental group. Fortunately, none of these moral critiques against Christians carry any weight unless there is a foundation for the existence of objective moral values and duties. Hence, to evaluate this matter more thoroughly, the thesis of this article is to assess whether or not there is enough evidence to reasonably conclude that objective moral values and duties do exist.

Before discussing this topic any further, I would like to identify what I mean by “objective”. “Objective” is being used with the meaning of, “independent of human opinion”. For example, the Holocaust during WWII was objectively bad despite whether the Nazis felt what they were doing was objectively good. The reality is that it is objectively wrong to murder innocent people. To illustrate another example; murder, rape, torture, theft, adultery, and lying are also objectively wrong. Those that participate in those activities would be objectively wrong regardless of whether they think they are doing something morally right.

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Now that “objective” has been identified in its proper context, it is now time to lay the foundation for the objectivity of morals in relationship to the existence of God. This argument is called; “the Moral Argument” and the premises are laid as follows:

1) If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist

2) Objective moral values and duties do exist

3) Therefore, God exists[1]

The further discussion will highlight the elements of the argument that make it effective and philosophically compelling. In addition to highlighting the elements of the argument, I’ll also evaluate the most common objections to the moral argument while laying out a comprehensive assessment of their shortcomings…


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