Apologetics speaker looks to prove God through math

By Sarvesh Kaslay

God equationThe quest to understand the existence of God is one that is largely driven by faith. The majority of the experts in science and its various branches have questioned the theist view of the universe.

In a speech given on Tuesday by Robert Marks, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Baylor University, he put a spin on the cliché and aimed to provide a rational, mathematical basis for establishing the presence of God.

Ratio Christi, a global organization with the goal of re-establishing a strong and reasoned presence of Christian thinking in academia, invited Marks to give a speech titled “God ever Geometrizes.”

“I was part of the inception of the lecture series and the speakers were already chosen when I jumped on the bandwagon,” said Lauren Simcic, president of the Texas A&M University chapter of Ratio Christi and junior political science major. “But when I found out what this was about I felt it would make a huge difference on the campus.”

Marks said the science fiction he read as a boy is boring compared to the mind-blowing mathematics of today’s string theory and algorithmic information theory.

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“These exciting results from mathematics I’ll talk about demonstrate that God is awesome,” Marks said. “Stephen Hawking famously said that any physics theory could never be proven. The best we can do is accumulate evidence. The same is true of proving God and the Lordship of Christ. Apologetics is all about gathering this evidence and Ratio Christi is all about scholarly apologetics. I’m presenting some apologetics viewpoint of mathematics.”

Marks discussed the possibility of existence of multiple dimensions and that God may exist in one of the dimensions that humans are unable to perceive…


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