Great Excuses for Skipping Church

by Josh Fults

church-excusesLet’s just be honest. Some Sundays, for whatever reason, we just don’t want to go to church. Even though I am a minister, and kind of get paid to be there, I understand that some Sundays it is just so hard to go. The only problem is, if you don’t go, well that looks bad on your Christian-ometer. You could get a bad grade and be blackballed if you just skip church without a good excuse. So, I decided to put together a list of great excuses for skipping and/or not going to church at all.

Majority of these I have heard with my own ears throughout the years (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, I promise), while some have been heard by others that they shared with me. So, if you would like some good excuses reasons for not being at church, then feast your eyes on these.

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  • It is youth Sunday.
  • God told me I needed to stay home this Sunday for some reason (this is great, who can dispute God???).
  • I worked 80 hours this week.
  • They are just serving communion, so I will just stay home.
  • The music is too loud/slow/fast/old/new/contemporary.
  • The music director wouldn’t let me sing in the choir.
  • They are having a guest speaker.
  • The pews/chairs are too hard/soft.
  • Someone made fun of my toes (no joke, heard it myself).
  • I’m just not getting fed.
  • I don’t know anyone there (because you never come, wait, did I just type that?)
  • It’s full of hypocrites (well yea, it’s full of people).


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