Is Giving Thanks The Product of Design?

by Luke Nix

thanksgivingThanksgiving is another holiday (see my previous post about Halloween) that I see has lost a lot of its meaning in American society. I remember being taught that Thanksgiving was a time to stop and thank God for everything that he has bestowed upon us (be it material goods, health, understanding or anything- even suffering).

It seems quite difficult to do such a thing when America has abandoned belief in a personal God who affects our lives or has abandoned belief in God completely. I would hope that I would be able to see people at least showing gratitude to each other for something, but I don’t even see that anymore. Instead, I see people calling it “Turkey Day”, almost in an effort to remove the idea of being thankful to anyone for anything- which is a direct logical conclusion of America’s narcissistic materialism (“its all about me”).

I think that Americans have been trained to be unsatisfied with what they have and to always want more. This desire for more is so strong that it minimizes the recognition that the person has many reasons to be thankful to God and other people. Instead, their focus is on what they don’t have, thus they don’t see a reason to be thankful.

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On another thought (please read the posts from the last two weeks before you continue- “Is Evolution Repeatable?” and “Thoughts on Evolution and Genetics“), I think that the desire to “thank” someone, for something they have sacrificed, provides powerful evidence against naturalism. The ability for “thanking someone” to improve survival of a person or society relies on a “chicken and egg” system to be in place before it works. “Thanking” requires two people: one to do the thanking and the other to recognize it. The person doing the thanking needs to have evolved the desire to thank someone, while the person who is being thanked has to have evolved the ability to understand the gratitude as something good (vs. bad or neutral). Since Darwinian evolution does not have a way to produce this “chicken and egg” system it cannot explain its existence…


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