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Joining the Fight

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joining the fight“If you are not affected, if you are not hurt by what we do, then you will not do anything to stop it. The war will simply continue. As long as it is just the soldiers, these barbaric men with guns who kill each other, as long as the damage is far away, the destruction and death out of your sight, then no amount of hand-wringing and moral outrage will make it end. If you are affected, if your farms, your crops are destroyed, your neat buildings in your perfect towns burned to the ground, then there will be a reason to stop this. War is not tidy, it is not convenient, it is everywhere, it has to be felt by everyone.” —Jeff Shaara, The Last Full Measure, p. 376

This quote rocks me to my core. Not merely because it’s from a Civil War novel and I’m a huge history nerd, but because I can’t help but think about the Church when I read it. I can’t help but consider the ways this applies to us– as Christians, as people.

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We don’t usually fight for things unless they affect us. We certainly never fight for things that aren’t real to us. Whether it’s an ideal, a story, a person, a group of people, or even a possession– we won’t fight for just anything. If it’s far removed from us or isn’t important to us, we count the cost and determine it isn’t worth it, if we even count the cost at all. We only truly become engaged in a battle when it rams into us where we are and affects our daily lives, our futures, our loved ones, or even our pride in the things with which we associate ourselves.

Too often, I think we become indifferent or ignorant of the fight…


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