Why I Am a Christian

By Frank Viola

why i am a ChristianYesterday’s post – There is No Proof of God’s Existence – broke all records of most views on this blog since I began the blog three weeks ago. We’re almost at half point on the Facebook shares wherein five commentors will receive a free copies of my newest book, Jesus: A Theography.

What follows isn’t a list of “proofs” for Christianity. Nor is it a list of theological reasons (e.g., God chose me in Christ before time). Neither is it a list of reasons why I am indebted to Jesus (e.g., He bought me with His own blood). The list isn’t exhaustive and the points are in no particular priority.

Also, I’m defining “Christian” to mean someone who has trusted Jesus of Nazareth as Lord and Savior and who follows Him.

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Why I Am a Christian . . .

1. Because life makes no sense to me apart from Christ. Nor does it have any purpose.

2. Because I’ve tried to not believe in Jesus, and I find that I cannot.

3. Because I’ve never seen the Gospel narratives refuted successfully.

4. Because I’ve never seen the resurrection of Jesus refuted successfully. I’ve investigated all the alternative explanations and find them uncompelling.

5. Because it makes no sense to me that Jesus of Nazareth isn’t who He said He was – the Messiah, the Son of the living God. C.S. Lewis’ trilemma – Jesus is either a lunatic, a liar, or lord – rings true here…


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