An elevator apologetic

by Justin Royer

I often muse over what my “quick hits” list is for why I believe what I believe. Here’s a shot at it.

I find the evidence for a creator to be overwhelming.

The science of the big as well as small seems to point to creation. In terms of “big science”, cosmology points to a beginning of the universe where, prior to, space/time/matter didn’t exist. That makes it outside the realm of scientific explanation and I find that a strong inference toward a designer – one that transcends time/space/matter. Now, for “small science”, the DNA in our cells is information – and our collection of human knowledge doesn’t know of any piece of information that wasn’t created by an intelligent agent.

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Consciousness is a tie-breaker. Its existence is not easily explained away by materialism – because if the natural tendency for matter is to emerge as “mind”, then the universe is inherently more mind-like than matter-like. This poses a problem for the materialist, but harmonizes well with a worldview that includes a mind-like creator.

Pure evil exists. Most people probably wouldn’t put this in the column as an argument for God, but think of it this way. If we truly believe that some acts are purely and objectively evil (read: the recent Shady Hook shootings that killed 20 children and 6 adults, etc.), then that implies that objective “good” exists – for evil is nothing more than the privation of the good…


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