Blind Faith and Atheism

by Marc Gaerlan

blind faith of atheismThe purpose of this article is to bring to light the reality that atheists are not devoid of “blind faith”. Its purpose is not to do so with the intent of demeaning the intelligence of atheists, but rather to point out a fundamental flaw of the atheistic argument that atheism only believes that which can be shown or proven by science, and that science has the ability to show and prove all things in reality. This articles intent is to break the false hold and false belief that many atheists have that they do not in fact have “blind faith” or hold to things that cannot be shown or proven by science.

Having said that, it is vitally important to understand that the intent of this article is not to promote “blind faith” in Christianity, nor to dismiss science or the scientific method. Christianity is indeed a rational belief when all the evidence is taken into consideration. Science, and the scientific method, are rational to accept for proving many, though not all (as we will soon see in this article) things.

An atheist will often submit as a reason for their atheism that they don’t, refuse to even, believe in anything that cannot be shown or proven by science. Many atheists will say that science can show or prove anything, even everything, that is real.

None of this is true.

Not only does the atheist believe in things that cannot be proven by science, the atheist believes in things that cannot be proven by philosophy. The atheist believes in things that cannot be proven at all. The atheist also, by putting his or her faith in sciences ability to show or prove anything, believes in and supports circular reasoning, as well as overestimates sciences ability to observe, and therefore explain all reality.

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Now let’s look at why an atheist has “blind faith”.

Consider these metaphysical arguments:

1) The external world is real.
2) There are minds other than my own.
3) The past was not created 5 minutes ago with an appearance of age.

None of these things can be proven by science or philosophy, and yet the atheist–as well as the Christian–accepts them as being true (or at least lives as if they were true) without any scientific or philosophical proof.

So the atheist must with “blind faith” accept, without any proof whatsoever, that the three aforementioned metaphysical statements are true. Either that, or consider “The Matrix” to be a documentary…


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