Can God Create a Weight He Cannot Lift?

by Daniel Edward

Lifting-Heavy-WeightI have heard this question a lot lately… “Can God create a weight He cannot lift?”. In fact, I have heard the question so often as of late I thought the question warranted a post, so that I might help put the question to bed by addressing the question with a bit of logic. This question is generally asked to prove a point that God is not omnipotent. The question, however, fails in three ways:

1.) The question is logically contradictory.

2.)The questioner has made false, naturalistic assumptions about God.

3.)The questioner has incorrectly attributed specific constraints to God.

Logically Contradictory

The argument is generally made that if God is omnipotent than He should be able to create a weight (a boulder, or example) as heavy as He desires. I would argue that this point is true. Then, however, the questioner would ask if God could create that weight so heavy that even He could not lift it. The question is logically contradictory, as the two major parts of the question (creation of the weight, and lifting the weight) do not make common sense, and neither prove nor disprove any particular attribute commonly associated, by Christians, with God. This question reminds me of the similar question of what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The questions are similar in nature, and equally irrelevant to the nature of anything at all.

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Naturalistic Assumptions

The next issue with the question comes in the form of assumption. Consider that God does have the ability to create a weight as heavy as He desires. What makes the weight heavy? The answer to that is gravity. The same weight on earth would not “weigh” the same as it would on the moon due to the gravitational differential between the two bodies. The naturalistic assumption comes into play with the questioner assuming that either 1) God is bound to the physics of earth, and 2) God is bound to any of the “rules” or “laws” of this realm whatsoever…


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