Christmas Gift Alert! iWitness Books and Apps

by Tom Gilson

Resurrection-iWitnessI don’t know when I’ve seen anything like Doug Powell’s books Resurrection iWitness, Jesus iWitness. It’s not just their incredibly rich visual design, or their clear presentation of essential truths. It’s their interactivity: almost as if they could have been iPad apps. But wait—they are—and so is New Testament iWitness!

I’ve had a chance to treat myself to these three books/apps in both versions, print and electronic. Either way, the first thing I noticed was their rich graphic design. Their YouTube trailers don’t do them justice; if they did I would link to them here, but I’ll leave it to you to Google them if you wish. Just be aware that these books/apps are better than they appear there (at least in the videos I was able to find). Their iTunes app previews are a little better, but still inadequate to convey the beauty of the apps.

The books are coffee-table size, and the kind of thing you just love to pick up and hold and feast your eyes upon. I prefer the book, myself, just for that reason. The iPad version feels a bit crowded on the screen by comparison, but it makes up for it with its interactivity, as you click and see the various elements coming engagingly to the fore. (The books accomplish the same with leafs attached to each page.)

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Either way these iWitness books/apps will draw you in, which is why I’ve dwelt on the graphics here. They make a terrific first impression. I first encountered them when Doug Powell, the author, was demonstrating them on his iPad to a few people between sessions at a conference last October. Every one of us was saying, “This is great! I want to see more! How can I get a copy?” I could see the books being great conversation pieces for witnessing or for study in the home, or the app doing the same at a coffee shop or a student lounge. The apps are inexpensive enough to give away to iPad-owning friends. If they’re not already believers you could use these apps them an introduction to Jesus, his resurrection, and the New Testament…


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Jesus iWitness

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