Why Apologetics? The Top Five Reasons to Learn Apologetics

by Erin Herbst

“Christianity is the source of all the world’s problems.” This was the answer I received one day while I was talking with college students about Jesus. This student was not antagonistic. His statement was a philosophy that he genuinely believed. “How?” I asked. At this point it was apparent he had not given much thought to his philosophy. He seemed to fumble around for answer before finally blurting out, “the crusades.” He is not unusual, many people hear a philosophy that sounds appealing and they adopt it into their own worldview before researching it. Of course occasionally there will be someone who has been diligent to research his or her worldview but for the most part this does not seem to be the case.

There are a few major reasons why every Christian should know apologetics. I am not an apologist, I am not great at debating, nor am I tremendously gifted with philosophy. I am also not a scientist; in fact my degree in college is rather unimpressive. However, I have learned from experience how valuable it is to know how to defend my faith and if I can learn anyone can learn.

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So here are the top 5 reasons to study apologetics.

Reason #1 – You owe it to yourself. It is a part of the human condition to doubt. Having occasional doubts does not make someone a bad Christian. You will be strengthened in your faith when you learn of the amazing evidence that points to the truth of Christianity. Christians are not super spiritual if they believe that God requires them to just accept what they believe by “faith.” I remember a friend of mine was once told to, “Just read the Bible,“ when he asked how he could defend his faith against evolution. That might work for a Christian who believes that the Bible is trustworthy, but what about those who do not?

Reason #2 – You owe it to your children. They are bombarded with a secular worldview that will give them many reasons to question Christianity. If you as a parent are not providing them with evidence for Christianity it is very possible they will become part of the 80% of kids raised in a Christian home who reject Christianity in college…


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