Achilles Heel: Internet Arguments

by Chad Miller

This clever picture (left: click to enlarge) really breaks down the state of affairs when it comes to arguing over the internet, especially when it comes to the arguments between Christians and Atheists.

This scenario is not just limited to the Christian and atheist discussions either. It’s possible this happens more frequently among fellow Christians than any other group… well, obviously political liberals and conservatives are at the top of the charts, but Christians REALLY know how to spat with one another at times. Anyway…

I’ve had many fantastic in-person conversations with Atheists, Muslims, and other people I strongly disagree with on important religious, moral, and political topics, and it rarely gets tense or personal. This is not due to how fantastic of a communicator or humble of a Christian I am, as I am neither. However when it comes to internet dialogue, I’ve been so angry I’ve had to wait hours before hitting the “submit” button lest flames erupt from the monitor and consume the person on the receiving end of my wrath.

So why can we have good arguments (on the whole) with people in person but internet arguments build walls, fortresses, and flaming barrels of oil? Obviously there are a lot of different reasons for this, but everyone can agree this is indeed the case. As an ambassador for Christ, I primarily want to focus on what we can do to avoid this. Here are a few I’ve been thinking about.

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Don’t do it
One way to avoid this is to simply avoid social media and not get involved. I know many people who choose this route and I think there is some merit to it. Social media can be a huge leech on your time and pull you away from much more important real life interpersonal activities such as playing with your kids in the backyard. As I type this, my kids are in the backyard playing, so I’m gonna take a break and live life for a little bit…
(shot BB guns, bow/arrow, and slingshots, then rode bikes)

However, I obviously see the tremendous benefit of social media interaction, especially when it comes to sharing the Christian worldview with nonbelievers. We just have to know how to do it…


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