Anticipating the Future of Science and Faith

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The start of a new year provides opportunities to remember, but most of all it’s a time to look forward. What do we feel when we face the horizon of the future—hope or dread?

Though the future can be a scary prospect, Scripture is filled with reminders to “be not afraid.” Paul admonishes believers to “not be anxious about anything.” David writes, “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?”

One thing I’ve learned to not fear is the impact of scientific discoveries on Christianity. As a college student, I harbored a secret anxiety that science might prove the Bible false—and then where would my faith stand? I doubt I’m the only believer to experience this kind of uneasiness—in fact, I think fear is a likely motivator behind the hostility that sometimes erupts between the church and science.

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However, thanks to my time with Reasons To Believe, I’ve found that scientific discoveries consistently support the case for biblical creation and the validity of Scripture. It’s incredible how even the most recent research fits into a biblical creation model. For example, just months ago, results from the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) Project provided major evidence for design…


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