Apologetics 101: “Isn’t Christianity Responsible for So Much Injustice and Violence?”

by Matt Rawlings

How many memes like the one above have you seen pop up on Facebook or how many statements have you overheard about all of the violence and injustice perpetrated by Christianity?

First, we have to set the record straight.  “Taken together, the Crusades, the Inquisitions, and the witch burnings killed approximately 200,000 people.  Adjusting for the increase in population, that’s the equivalent of one million deaths today.  Even so, these deaths caused by Christian rulers over a five-hundred-year period amount to only 1 percent of the deaths caused by Stalin, Hitler and Mao in the space of a few decades.” (See What’s So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D’Souza).  The great progressive atheist regimes of the 20th century killed close to 100 million between 1919 and 1976.

Moreover, any serious student of the Bible and history knows that the Crusades were politics wrapped in faux Christianity.  As Ravi Zacharias is fond of saying, “never judge a philosophy by its abuses.”

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As for the witch killings that took thousands of lives? Let’s consider that one for a moment.  What stopped the witch killings was knowledge.  People learned that witches generally did not exist and that those who called themselves witches had no “black magic.”  But if you really believed that there was someone who casting spells that really hurt or even killed people, you might take drastic action too!

The problem is the “Christian violence” narrative resonates with a lot of people because many think of Christians they have met who they consider “fanatics” or people who are overbearing, self-righteous, opinionated, insensitive, and harsh.  The problem with these folks is not that they are too Christian but not Christian enough…


Apologetics 101: “Isn’t Christianity Responsible for So Much Injustice and Violence?” | Pastor Matt



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