Apologetics and evangelism: Bridge the divide at your Church

by Chad Miller

If there’s one focus a Church should have, it’s on evangelism and missions. It’s almost a little redundant to separate those since missions, properly understood, is evangelism. If we’re truly doing the will of the Lord and making disciples of all nations, we can’t do that by giving people clean water without giving them the water of eternal life. We can’t give them bread to fill their stomachs without teaching about the bread from heaven who can fill their souls. We can’t provide shelter from the storm without telling the story of the One who has the power to calm the storms (and I’m talking about literal storms here, not “the storms of life”).

Am I saying we shouldn’t feed the poor, clothe the naked, or be philanthropic in our communities and abroad? Absolutely not! However, we must never sever these actions from evangelism. Evangelism is the only reason the Lord has left us here on earth. Seriously… think about it. What good are we if we take the light given to us and hide it under our beds? Jesus emphasized evangelism as something of great importance

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in His own ministry, leading by example and by His clear commands given to all He came in contact with. He gave this command specifically to His Church and if we ignore that, we cease to be the Church and become closer in nature to GreenPeace. If we become a social club, our Church will die. Without Biblically centered evangelism, your Church will die. In the words of the Apostle Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

So why aren’t more Churches active in true evangelism? I think one thing people fear greatly is confrontation about spiritual things, even though some of those same people turn into General Patton when it comes to confronting someone on their differing opinion of the 2nd amendment…


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