Agnosticism is lazy thinking

By Joel Furches

Any good worldview should have explanatory power that relates to all of the things that can be observed in the universe. This would include the material universe: the nature of matter, energy, and time; and the immaterial universe: logic, truth, justice and morality. In other words, a good worldview will be able to adequately address both science and philosophy.

By this standard Greek Mythology, for instance, fails as a worldview. By assigning various gods to different aspects of reality, Greek Mythology cannot adequately address all of reality. Which god was in charge of, say, quantum mechanics? As new information about the world came to light, new gods would be required to explain it, or old gods would have to be assigned new duties. It also fails to explain the unity of reality. If the goddess of the earth and the goddess of the moon are not getting along, how does this affect tidal forces, and does the god of the sea have any say in that?

Pagan religions such as this have largely been abandoned because as new information comes to light, these worldviews are clearly inadequate to the task of explaining reality.

That being said, any positive worldview – a worldview that proposes to be able to explain reality – must be predictive. That is to say that, as more things are discovered about the universe, these worldviews must already have sufficient explanation for the new information built in to that worldview.

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For instance, when the double-slit experiment was performed, the results could not have been predicted by Newtonian Physics. As a result, Newtonian Physics had to be discarded for another kind of physics that could explain the results of that experiment.

On the other hand, quantum physics was able to predict the existence of the Higgs-Boson particle which was later discovered through particle collision experiments. This means Quantum Physics was upheld as a theory.

Speaking broadly, there is one negative worldview – a worldview that attacks others without giving a sufficient model of reality itself – and four positive philosophies that thinking people subscribe to in order to explain reality. The negative worldview is agnosticism. The positive worldviews are postmodernism, materialism, pantheism, and theism.

Agnosticism is not so much a worldview as it is the lack of a worldview. An Agnostic states that they do not know how to explain both science and philosophy in a unified manner. Implicit to Agnosticism, however, is that they reject all of the alternative worldviews…


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