The Church’s Financial Debt

by Nick Peters

What bills does the church owe? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Right now, I’m going through a book on Kindle. To say this book is crazy would be to give it a compliment. Yes. This will be a future review on my blog, but I do note the author does make the case that he used to be a Christian. I do not doubt this. Then at one point the light was shed and now he’s opposed to his former faith greatly.

Online, people like this are common. I wish I had a nickel for each person I meet who says they “Used to be a Christian” and many of them are some of the main opponents I come across. These people fight Christianity with a vengeance, and I suspect it’s because they think they were duped by their church and have a strong vendetta against it.

And in many cases, I think their church did dupe them.

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You know what I often read from them? I get the message that they were told they should just have faith. They were denied the right to ask questions. They were told they needed to walk the line or get out. They were treated as if they were the problem. Very rarely do I hear the account of a minister who says “That’s a good question. Let’s do some research and see what we find out.”

Is it any wonder these people leave?

What does this have to do with finances?

We are spending so much on making sure we have the best sound equipment and making sure our youth get to go on special trips and having the carpet looking nice in the church and getting a new camera for video taping services and in themselves, none of these are bad things.

Yet none of them are what the church is really about. The church is meant to equip the saints so that they can glorify God…


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