“Churches for Apologetics” Petition

guest post by Sarah Abbey*

Recently I wrote a blog post on the rise of the Nones, those who claim no religious affiliation, in American society. The number of youth and young adults who question the truth of Christianity is growing. Interestingly, as more young adults under the age of 30 claim no religious affiliation, their hunger for a life of meaning and significance has not diminished. What do they stand for? Many don’t know, and some are apathetic, not caring to find the answer. But for every person who is apathetic about what they believe and why, there are just as many who are searching for the answers to life’s hardest questions.

As a Christian, this leads me to ask fundamental questions. What do I do with this information? How should I respond personally, and how should local churches respond? How do we provide a questioning generation with the answers they need? How do we demonstrate that the good news of Jesus Christ answers our deepest emotional, intellectual, and practical needs,  giving our soul something to stand for?

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The Christian Apologetics Alliance, in response to this growing need for a dynamic display of the reliability of the Christian faith, has created the “Churches for Apologetics” petition. It is a thoughtful, and heartfelt, petition for local churches to rise to the challenge of our day. We need to be equipped to share the reasons for the hope we have in Christ, and we need to train our church members (fathers, mothers, children,  and friends) to lovingly and firmly defend the faith they profess. If you are a church leader, this petition is for you. If you are someone who loves Jesus Christ and desires to share his love, this petition is for you.

“Apologetics enables us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:28-30).  The “Nones” are on the rise, but we can change that by appealing to their hearts, souls and minds.  God made our minds to hunger for truth…for him.  Will you commit to letting God use you to feed that hunger and turn back the tide in this rising faith crisis?  Sign now and share this petition with other church leaders and the churches of your city.”


The Poached Egg Apologetics“Churches for Apologetics” Petition


*Sarah Abbey studied apologetics at The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, is a member of the Christian Apologetics Alliance and its subgroup, the Apologetics Bloggers Alliance, and blogs on the subjects of ‘apologetics and theology in everyday life’ at her website, Penny of a Thought.


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