Cold-Case Christianity by Jim Wallace

by Joan Nienhuis

Wallace is a cold case homicide investigator. He was a skeptic. He thought the supernatural was impossible.

He decided to investigate the evidence for Christianity using his skills as a detective.

He introduces us to the tools and techniques he used to crack unsolved murders. He explains how he used the same analytical thinking on the claims of Jesus.

Wallace was thirty five when he began his journey, reading the gospelsfor the first time. He used his training in Forensic Statement Analysis and concluded them to be actual eyewitness accounts. As a cold case investigator, he had been trained in working with facts from the distant past.

As he gives us the principles detectives must learn, he illustrates each principle by using examples from his own cases to illustrate the techniques. He writes about presuppositions, abductive reasoning, circumstantial evidence, trusting eyewitnesses, separating artifacts from evidence, establishing chain of evidence, and more.

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In the second part of the book he applies the investigative techniques to the claims of Christianity.

I was impressed with this book on several levels. I love to read mysteries and I was fascinated with the way Wallace wrote this book. He’d start a chapter with a case, perhaps how an eyewitness was essential. Then he would describe the importance of that aspect of the investigation. That is eventually applied to the claims of Christianity.

An insight that really impressed me was the idea of making a decision while there are still unanswered questions…


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Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels


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