Those who oppose apologetics do so because they fear that by teaching people “why” they believe, they will lose sight of the “Who”. This is a rational fear to have, as there are definitely those out there who have lost sight of the reason for doing apologetics in the first place. However, just because there are people misrepresenting the point of apologetics, it doesn’t mean you should throw out the baby with the bathwater. It does not mean you can ignore the hard questions your youth may have and substitute it with worship services and water balloon fights every week because that is easier and less controversial.

Nancy [Pearcey] writes, “There’s nothing wrong with good clean fun. But the force of sheer emotional experience will not equip teens to address the ideas they will encounter when they leave home and face the world on their own. Young people whose faith is mostly emotional are likely to retain it only as long as it is making them happy. As soon as a difficult crisis comes along, it will evaporate.” This is true across the board, not just with youth, but with mom and dad as well.  – Sarah Ankenman (President of The International Society of Women in Apologetics, from her blog essay, [email protected]&#%!)

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