Living in the Matrix

By Greggrey C. Cudworth

 So much the more men exalt themselves, so much the less will they surely be disposed to exalt God.”
Jonathan Edwards

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” Psalm 14:1

The desire of certain people to dispose of God can take many forms. The first attempt was by Adam and Eve in the garden, when they denied the authority of God’s Word and chose to be governed by their own rules. Since then men has pursued various ways to deny the existence of God and reality as He created it.

In the process, men turn the blessings of God against the Giver of those blessings. God has blessed men with wondrous and powerful imaginations, enabling them to create beautiful art and amazing technological advances. But those same blessings have been used to demean, deny, and dispose of God. Instead of using art and technology to glorify God men have too often used it question God and reality.

Man and his imagination

For example, the movie The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction thriller depicting a dystopian future in which people are caught up in the simulated reality of cyberspace. This reality is controlled by a computer and enforced by machines the computer has manufactured. The

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humans are subdued and live in large test tubes with their body heat supplying the energy to run the machines. The hero, “Neo,” learns this truth and joins the rebellion to fight against the machines for the purpose of freeing humanity from the simulation into the real world.

No God, and no reality we can know for certain means a world where might makes right and survival is the highest form of the good life.

This made for a great movie; but is it real or fiction?

This is not a new question. Philosophers have been asking it for a long time. Are we real, and how do we know we are real?

The Matrix may be old stuff by now, but the questions it raised continue to enthrall…


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