Moses as Leader: Do the right thing even when it’s not appreciated

by Mark McIntyre

Moses as Leader – The Story

Moses is up on the mountain receiving the law from God. Meanwhile, down in the valley, the people of Israel have built and are worshiping a golden idol. Before they have even received the law, the people have broken the first two commandments.

In response to this, Exodus 32:7-10 records that God proposed a plan to wipe out the nation of Israel and start over with Moses as the patriarch of a new nation. Warren Wiersbe, in his book, Becoming a Servant of God, points out the significance of this offer. From a human perspective, it doesn’t get any better than becoming the father of a whole nation. By anyone’s standard, this would be a significant honor and achievement.

But look at how Moses responds. Instead of taking God up on the offer, he begins pleading for the nation of Israel. He intercedes on their behalf, even while the nation is still in party mode and not ready to acknowledge their error.

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Moses as Leader – The Principle

As the title of this post indicates, the principle is that leaders do the best thing for their people even when the people do not know or appreciate what is being done.

From a human perspective, what did Moses get from this transaction? He got 40 more years of whining and aggravation from the people, he got his leadership challenged, he got overworked and died in the wilderness without a permanent home.

From an eternal perspective,  Moses deepened his relationship with God, secured a significant place in God’s program and died knowing that he had done the right thing for the people that God called him to lead and to serve.

At the foundation of Moses’ ability to serve his people was his relationship with God…


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