The Western Church, with its emphasis on emotional experiences to the exclusion of mental fulfillment, is like a young partier, deeply in debt and still spending wildly. An accountant who might pressure such a young person to curtail her spending may be perceived as “anti fun” but such changes are necessary to avoid personal disaster. Similarly, the reason-centric Christians who are calling for change are not pushing for a watered-down form of Christianity, but a fuller one. It may seem as though we are “anti fun” but, like the accountant, we are trying to avoid long-term disaster. We actually have the best interests of the Church in mind. We see what others do not, that the many Christians have a lopsided form of faith which is hindering their relationship with Jesus, not helping it. – Paul Buller (Author of, Arguing with Friends: Keeping your friends and your convictions, from his article, Reason in Religion)

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