Press Release from Ratio Christi

by Blake Anderson

Ratio Christi is very excited to announce the merger of Ratio Christi and The Poached Egg is a popular Christian apologetics news and blogging conglomeration web site. Ratio Christi provides apologetics resources to students and faculty on university campuses around the world. The two organizations are joining forces in order to offer even more resources to apologists and college campuses. The partnership is an omelet made in heaven. is a website (and on Facebook here) founded and edited by Greg West. Greg is passionately committed to the cause of Christian apologetics and has been a humble servant of the apologetics community for years, providing readers all over the world a large and continually expanding virtual library of articles and essays compiled from all over the World Wide Web. Noted apologists, biblical scholars, philosophers, scientists, historians, students, and laymen all come together under this one site. The Poached Egg is a one-stop shop for discovering vital resources that you may not even knew existed whether you are new to apologetics or a veteran apologist, The Poached Egg should be one website that every Christian has bookmarked and shares with their church community, skeptics of Christianity, family and friends, and fellow believers who may be struggling with doubt.

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Why are we merging? First, Ratio Christi (RC) strives to be a servant to the apologetics enterprise. We see ourselves as successful if we can promote and help expand the ministry impact of other apologists and organizations. Greg West and The Poached Egg (TPE) has the same goal. We both hope to provide exponential growth to this movement aimed at discipleship of the Christian mind. We are two eggs from the same chicken.

Second, RC wants to provide resources to its campus clubs without reinventing the wheel. RC chapter directors and students will be encouraged to use TPE as an online apologetics database and as a resource for daily apologetics articles, event notices, and reviews and recommendations of the latest in apologetics books, curriculum, and other resources…


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