Responding to Skeptics and Seekers

by Ken Mann

This post and the few that may follow is an experiment. Since November of 2011 I have been answering questions and comments submitted to the website All About God. Thus far I have interacted, occasionally multiple times, with over 50 skeptics, seekers, and sometimes the genuinely confused and hurting. On several occasions I believe what I wrote was potentially worth sharing with a wider audience.

Some editorial commentary would be helpful at this point. The comments and questions submitted at All About God are forwarded to me with whatever name and country of origin that people choose to provide. I will not reproduce names and will only mention the country if it is relevant to the text of the comment or question. This leads to a second editorial point. The comments and questions as they appear in this series will be paraphrased or combinations that address a similar subject.

Being on the receiving end of these e-mails has been a humbling and growing experience. I have endeavored to be a loving and passionate ambassador for Christ. I have attempted to be as respectful as possible, writing as if I was speaking directly to the person. I

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have also not shied away from making a strong argument when it seemed important. In taking this risk to publish material that has only been seen by a few people, I hope some of this may be helpful. I hope these will be positive examples of addressing objections to the Christian faith. If the opposite is ever true I hope to learn from whatever readers offer in response.

November 2011 from India

If God exists why do good people suffer. Why are there so many people who are poor, miserable, cheated, unloved, and helpless? Why are there so many who are happy, wealthy and experience a good life?

As I read the stress, pain and even anger in your question, I hesitated to respond. There are no words that I can offer that will ease your pain or address the injustice you see. What I can offer are some thoughts that I hope will help you think more clearly about God in the midst of the evil around you…


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