Science Doesn’t Tell Us Anything Important

by Gregory Koukl

I’d like to reflect on some reasons we ought to believe we have a soul rather than believe we are merely a complex bundle of flesh, bones and blood. Lest some of you think I am preaching to the choir here–like we all know we have a soul–I’m not entirely sure that’s the case. I’m not entirely sure that every Christian is deeply convinced that he has a soul. I think most are if they accept the Bible, but not all necessarily. Or at least maybe they are intellectually convinced that they have a soul but are not quite sure why that matters.

But I will tell you one thing, if you go out into the marketplace of ideas with this notion that we are more than our physical bodies, you are going to run into conflict. Especially in higher education. There is a movement afoot, and it has been for quite awhile, that you are nothing more than your physical body. The movement is called physicalism. Only physical things exist, in other words. Non-physical things don’t exist. We’re not in the dark ages anymore. We aren’t required to revert to religious occult forces to explain things. We know by science what exists and what doesn’t. We know by science what is

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important and what isn’t. We know by science the answers to the deeper issues of the universe. Scientific discovery tells us that and therefore we can abandon some of this ancient lore. The fictions: like we have a soul, or there’s a heaven and hell, or there are demons and Satan. Things like that. Just get rid of all of that stuff. It’s not necessary anymore. It’s just part of our folklore and we know better now. In fact, if you try to even make the point that you believe in such a thing as a soul, people will look at you like you are some kind of an idiot. Like, where have you been the last two millennium? Wake up and smell the decade, kind of an attitude.

I would like to share some thoughts with you that will equip you a little bit to stand tall in those times of attack, because there are good reasons why we ought to believe in the existence of the soul…


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