The Poached Egg Partners with Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance

by Greg West

Something New is Hatching…

I’m very happy to announce that The Poached Egg is officially partnering with Ratio Christi, an organization that I’m very passionate about, and one I hope to make all of you more familiar with. This partnership will enable me to raise funds as a Ratio Christi supported missionary so that I can continue working full time on the daily operations of The Poached Egg (TPE) and work towards expanding its reach while having the opportunity to make a living at it as well. Before I go into more detail about this partnership, let me give you a little bit of background…

Going Full Time

After much prayer and discussion—and in agreement with Brooke, my amazing wife and partner in ministry, I left my full time job on good terms in February, 2011 to devote myself to working on The Poached Egg as a full time ministry. Outside of trusting God, we had no idea how we would be able to make it financially on just one income. Brooke took on the role of being the main breadwinner for the family, which was an internal struggle for me at the time—but having left the door open for future work at my former job, I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to work for them on a job by job basis to help make ends meet.

It seemed that whenever Brooke and I were wondering and praying about how we were going to pay the piling bills, my supervisor would call and say that there was a big job coming up and they’d be glad to have me along if I was willing to go. While this would help get us caught up on bills, the downside was the work was often out of town for up to a week at a time with long hours and just enough time off to eat, shower, and sleep—this took me away from my daily work on the website, and more importantly, away from my family—but we’re grateful that it has helped sustain us so that I have been able to continue working on moving the ministry of TPE forward, and we are very thankful to God for the care he has given us, and continues to give, in meeting our financial needs.

A New Apologetics Ministry Alliance Begins

What this partnership means for Ratio Christi (RC) is that TPE will be a major outlet for online promotion of the organization outside of their official website. Many man hours have been put into the daily operations and promotion of TPE resulting in its becoming one of the internet’s most visited destinations for apologetics on the web—and it is a logical choice as a place to help further promote RC, which seeks to turn students into confident Christians, evangelists, and lifelong disciples of Christ through apologetics teaching and training. Many of these students will go on to be apologists in their own churches, aiding pastors and other church staff in starting apologetics ministries and outreach programs in their communities.

Why Ratio Christi?

Today’s secular college campus is one the most anti-Christian environments that one will encounter. As apologist Bret Kunkle states in his article, Who’s Waiting for Your Kids at College?:

There are enormous intellectual and moral challenges awaiting our Christian students on the university campus. So here’s the next question you must answer: Are your kids ready to face these challenges? Well, if they are the typical Christian student in the U.S., the answer is clearly no.

At TPE, we want to help Ratio Christi change that answer from, ‘clearly no’, to a resounding ‘yes!’ We want to help RC equip these students to be able to meet these challenges head on!

From nearly the beginning, TPE has had an ongoing relationship with RC and we have always been willing and eager to promote them in the past, but now will be stepping up our promotion of RC and will aid in recruiting students, faculty, and chapter directors. RC chapter directors and students will also be encouraged to use TPE as an online apologetics database and as a resource for daily apologetics articles, event notices, and reviews and recommendations of the latest in apologetics books, curriculum, and other resources vital to their ministry. In addition to running TPE, I will be working to help establish RC chapters at the many universities in my area—particularly at Missouri State University, which has one of the largest student atheists clubs in the country (aka, ‘The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’) which hosts the annual ‘Skepticon’, which features speakers such as P.Z. Meyers and other prominent ‘New Atheists’. I will also continue to teach apologetics in small groups at my church and make myself available to other churches in regards to apologetics teaching and training.

Please Consider Partnering with Us Financially

I’m more excited about this partnership than I could ever put into words and consider it a great blessing to have the opportunity to serve as a Ratio Christi supported missionary and community apologist. If you would like to partner with us financially in this endeavor with a special ministry launch gift or an ongoing monthly donation, please visit our donation page at, to do so. Included on the page is a short yet informative video introduction to the Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance, which I hope you take a few moments to view.

In closing, whether or not you choose to support us financially, we hope that you will choose to partner with us in prayer as we work towards expanding this ministry and reaching others with the Gospel of Christ through apologetics ministries.