“Sorry, I’m En-Route To An Emergency”

by J Warner Wallace

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to say that as a police officer. Law enforcement officers are tasked with enforcing laws and responding to crimes that span the gamut from violent felonies to simple infractions. The first thing you learn as a young officer is to distinguish one from the other. Felonious behavior requires us to respond immediately and offers us fewer options for how we may respond. Lesser misdemeanors take a “backseat” to these kinds of crimes, and infractions (like minor traffic violations) are prioritized to the bottom of our list. In fact, officers have a great deal of discretion in how they respond to infractions that are committed in their presence. Sometimes, officers simply warn violators and continue on their way.

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All of us, as Christian Case Makers, have to make decisions about what is a “felony in progress” and what is not. There will be some things that demand our attention immediately and some things that are far less urgent. It’s all a matter of priority. This weekend I have been in the Vancouver area, giving six talks (so far) since Friday night; I’ve got another event this evening. Andy Steiger of Apologetics Canada has been helping me to prioritize my days, as we share the evidence related to the reliability of the New Testament. We’ve been busy. Last night, as we finished the final event of the day at around 11:00pm, I realized that it was Sunday and I’d missed all the NFL playoff action. It completely slipped my mind. When you’re focused on the urgency of your mission, it’s easy to drive by other things that also matter to you. I was bummed at first, but happy to be a part of God’s work in the Vancouver area.

There’s a benefit and danger in focusing on the “felonies” that seem to be occurring in our world…


The Poached Egg Apologetics“Sorry, I’m En-Route To An Emergency”



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