The Apologist’s Life of Worship

by Rob Lundberg


Our family has had an interesting year filled with joys, frustrations, and wonderful moments of ministry.  As one heavily entrenched with a passion to equip the body of Christ in the context of the defense of the faith, I have been reflecting upon the subject of worship in the life the apologist.

What sparked this reflection is a church change that has demonstrated what it means to put hands and feet to our message.  And I believe that worship is the catalyst to putting hands and feet to the truth of our Christian faith.

As apologists, we can really be headily enamored with the arguments we give in our polemical defenses of the faith.  We love facts that defend the existence of God.  You know facts like, nothing physical is able to explain its own existence; and the fact that we see intelligence all around us which improves that there is an intelligibility behind the intelligence.  These facts are true and wonderful.  But as true as they are, they only point us in the direction of a personal God and do not address personally that God.

In this piece, I wish to briefly discuss some thoughts on worship in the life of the apologist.  Though not exhaustively, I hope to engage two questions.  The first is, how do we define worship? The second is how is worship demonstrated in the life of one who claims to be a defender of the only true faith and worldview?  In this last question I will bring in the some passages that have really been written indelibly on my heart and mind over the years and share how they flesh themselves out in life.

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Defining worship
What is worship?  With all the differing “schools of thought” on worship, the answer to the question depends on who is answering the question.  With all the worship albums coming out, one would think that was all about music.[1]  Personally, as much as I like a lot (not all) of the worship music being put forth, I believe that music is a key ingredient that could prove the reflection of our worship; whether we are worshiping the music, the beat, or the object of the One in the song’s message.

Whether your church incorporates hymns, praise choruses, contemporary praises, or blend of any of these genres, the music only makes up a part of real worship.  But worship is not about stirring up the emotions and feelings into some existential sense of awe in preparation to hear the Word of God preached.  It is much more than that as we see from some of the words and their usage from the Old and New Testaments…


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