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by Alvarez

Of late, I have been challenged regarding a few worldviews that I hold, and mostly by fellow believers – or those who profess to believe in our Risen Lord.

I say this because in our online engagements, it has become pretty clear that most of them hold on to what I refer to as dogmatic views or rhetoric – views that are anchored on cliches that they absorbed from their spiritual leaders during their formative spiritual years and have retained them ever since without finding the substantiation for those views.

While I have not laid claim to having the absolutely correct view on these matters, to a certain degree, I have achieved a degree of satisfaction of knowing that the views that I’ve come to hold (after changing them when they were displaced by a more superior position, and holding on to those I’ve cherished, because I found the facts and reasons to uphold them ) can withstand scrutiny and critical examination.

And knowing that, the faith I espouse now has become stronger, substantive and more confident – as I have rational explanations to present the message of the Kingdom as a very important option to consider for holding one’s worldview.

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And also because it’s a very important choice – it spells an eternally significant difference. While the gospel proclaims grace, it also implies a grace period. It ultimately comes to an end – after which, there are consequences. And these are dire.

These challenges that rise as a result of my posts on my Facebook wall drive me to go back to the books and review the things I have learned and as a natural consequence, I am forced to remember scripture verses, facts and logical processes to be able to present the argument for the positions that I present publicly. And it has become a good thing for me, because I continue to internalize what I previously read through cursorily and these become a vivid part of my memory bank, which I can dip into regularly and find whenever I need them.

What I did not realize was that other friends who I did not intend those posts for also read through my wall and absorb the exchanges and the thoughts that are crystallized in the conversation…


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