The Poached Egg’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012*

10.) What To Expect If You Become An Apologist

9.) Osteen: “God Wants to Supersize your Joy” — So what’s wrong with that?

8.) 84 Confirmed Facts in the Last 16 Chapters of the Book of Acts

7.) The Elephant, The Whole Elephant, and Nothing But the Elephant, So Help Me… God?

6.) What Happens When Atheists Don’t Care About Hermeneutics?

5.) Christian Reflection on The Hunger Games Trilogy

4.) A Christian Look at “The Avengers”

3.) You Don’t Need a Degree to be an Apologist (But You Do Need to be a Reader)

2.) 1st-century New Testament fragment found: more details emerge

1.) 5 Reasons America Needs Duck Dynasty

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top 25 quotesGreg’s Note: Okay, I have to come clean with some cheating here- the quote compilations dominated the top 10 of 2012 so much that I decided to post them in their own separate top ten. If I had not, the list of posts above would have been made up of 60% quote compilations. People, including myself, love quotes, but it’s a sad testimony of today’s ‘short attention span theater’ culture. Like I said, I do love quotes, but we need to move beyond the ‘excerpts’ and read in totality the broader context from which these quotes were taken…

10.) Apologetics Quotes: William Lane Craig

9.) Ten Quotes on Faith and Reason

8.) 10 Apologetics Quotes: Tim Keller

7.) 12 Quotes About Truth

6.) Theologians and Thinkers: 12 Quotes on the Person of Jesus Christ

5.) Great Christian Thinkers: Ten Quotes on Christian Apologetics

4.) Atheist’s Quotes on Atheism

3.) 12 Quotes on Evolution and Intelligent Design

2.) Apologetics Quotes: 10 From Francis Schaeffer

1.) Ten Quotes: C.S. Lewis


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