What Kind of Proofs Are There that God Exists?

by Sean McDowell

The majority of people in America and around the world believe there is a God. When asked for good reasons why they believe that, many simply say, “A beautiful and exquisitely crafted world like this couldn’t have come into being by chance.”And they are right. But how do you formulate that intuitive answer into an argument or proof that God actually exists?

The Scripture says, “Ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature” (Romans 1:20). God doesn’t have to materialize to prove his existence—his invisible qualities are here and they do provide sufficient proof that he exists.

I grew up in the mountain town of Julian, California. I have always enjoyed walking the mountain trails and hiking in the woods. I have introduced my young children to exploring the forests.

Let’s assume I’m out hiking with my son Scottie. About two hours into our hike Scottie says, “Dad, I’m getting tired. And I’m thirsty.” Right then we catch sight of what looks like a structure through the trees. As we approach, we see a picture-perfect cabin in the middle of the woods. The door has been left wide open.

Scottie and I make our way into the cabin. To our amazement my favorite music is playing. Scottie’s favorite Wii video game appears on the TV screen. We see a sign on the refrigerator that says, Favorite Drinks Inside. Scottie runs over, opens the refrigerator, and takes out a Sierra Mist. “Can you believe this, Dad?” he blurts out just before guzzling down his drink. This would all be just too amazing, right?

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What would you conclude by all this? Could these circumstances have come about by sheer chance? It would seem that someone had to have known we were coming and designed the cabin, the music, game, and drinks with us in mind.

While this fantastic cabin discovery is just a story, the reality is that Planet Earth is even more amazing and fantastic. As with the cabin illustration, it is as if someone carefully prepared our world exactly with us in mind. Certain laws of nature rest within very narrowly defined parameters that allow humans to exist here.

Scientists conservatively estimate there are at least 18 physical laws that work in perfect harmony in order for the universe and Planet Earth to be suitable for complex life. For example, there are the laws of gravity, conservation of energy, thermodynamics, strong nuclear forces, electromagnetic forces, and so on. If any of these laws varied ever so slightly, life would not be possible in our universe…


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