Why 4 Gospels?

by Jacob Allee

Have you ever wondered why God inspired four different gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, earthly ministry, death and resurrection? As a young Christian I remember thinking to myself “Isn’t this kind of repetitive?” Especially the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) which are so very similar to each other. What’s the point? Well it may interest you to know (and hopefully you were already aware) that God is smarter than you and I and He had great purpose in the writing and preservation of the four gospels in our Bible.

Do you like court room dramas? Whether it be a TV show or movies we have all seen them. We have seen the lawyer call up their next witness and they give their take upon the events in question. One witness is good, but multiple witnesses are better. The more witnesses we have of an event the more evidence we can collect as to what really happened. However, multiple witnesses alone doesn’t equal an airtight case because sometimes not all witnesses are honest.

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Let’s say for example that you have four witnesses in a murder trial. The prosecuting attorney calls one up and he gives his testimony about what happened: “I saw the defendant shoot that woman, he was wearing a green Abercrombie and Fitch polo shirt, he had blue eyes, dark hair, the gun was a Glock 45, and he had this creepy smile on his face, with a mole on his right cheek, it was that man sitting right there, I saw him with my own eyes.” Then the next witness is called up and she says the exact same thing that the first witness did, word for word, verbatim. Then the third takes the stand and says the exact same thing, verbatim, and the fourth witness does likewise. Does this make for a solid case against the defendant?

Actually, no, it doesn’t. Because the four witnesses said the exact same thing, as if they had the exact same vantage point and the exact same knowledge of what kind of gun it was, etc., it sounds like they collaborated together to get their stories straight so that they would all say the exact same thing. So four absolutely identical accounts would be worthless because they would obviously be little more than a copy of one persons testimony or a collaboration to make up a story…


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