Why We Need Plumbers—and Pastors

It’s essential to affirm all callings, even pastoral ones.

by Drew Dyck

Growing up I knew I could serve God in whatever profession I chose. Providing, of course, I chose to be either a missionary or a pastor.

In the particular subculture in which I was raised, those were pretty much the two vocations available to serious Christians. And even within the dyad, there was hierarchy. Missionary was preferred to pastor. If you had a physical condition that made overseas living prohibitive, or had too many children when you applied to be a missionary with our denomination (as was the case with my parents), becoming a pastor was a respectable Plan B.

I remember one traveling missionary thundering, “Every Christian is called to go to the mission field!” This was no metaphor. He wasn’t talking about being a “missionary” in your workplace or neighborhood. No, this was drop-a-finger on a map of Africa—and go!

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I still appreciate that kind of passion for global missions. But that mentality often had negative, if unintended, consequences. For instance, it devalued “secular” callings. The exclusive focus on “full-time ministry” vocations created a two-tier spirituality. Those in “full-time ministry” were the spiritual one-percenters; bi-vocational ministers and secular workers the second-class Christians.

Sure, a wealthy executive or doctor who lived faithfully for Christ might achieve a modicum of respect in church circles. But spiritually speaking, they were “walking wallets,” useful for funding ministry—the real work of the Lord.

Thankfully, we’ve seen a shift away from that sort of thinking. The sacred-secular line has blurred while the desire to affirm all callings has sharpened. Many now rightfully see all vocations as equally valid ways to glorify God…


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