Who Created God?

by Josh Fults

What would you do if one evening you came home and found brief case full of one hundred dollar bills sitting in the middle of your living room? Besides being incredibly happy, I am sure you would wonder how it got there. You might look to your spouse or family members for an explanation. But, suppose your spouse said, “It’s just there. It exists inexplicably.” That answer would offer you no satisfaction. Briefcases full of money simply do not show up in one’s living room without a cause. You see, we have a need for understanding why. We have little tolerance for ambiguity. We want answers. We want reasons. We want to understand the cause of events or situations.

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One of the big questions in life people often wrestle with is, “Where did I come from?” Who created me? Why is there life? Why is there something when there should be nothing? Because, intuitively, we know that things have a cause. What caused the universe to come into existence? Why do we see such a fascinating diversity of life? Why are there people that have the capacity to think about thinking, ask questions, and ponder the big questions?

The fact of the matter is, everything that exists has some explanation for its existence.  So what caused everything? Christianity asserts that the reason there is anything at all is because God brought everything into existence. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Why did He do this? Because He is both creative and relational. In fact, we bear many of his attributes, though in limited ways. We are also creative and relational beings.

At this point, one might object, “Well hold on, who created God? If everything has an explanation of its existence, then where did God come from?” The short answer is, no one created God…


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