From YOUR perspective

by Steve Wimmer

Many of the conversations I have on the topics of faith and spirituality include the phrase “from my perspective.” Occasionally I’ll use it (and I’ll explain the best times to do so later in this post) but more often my conversation partner is reminding me that their thoughts are, essentially, theirs.

This practice is less an exercise in diplomacy and more frequently a (sometimes subconscious) tactical maneuver to reinforce the postmodern idea that we are not debating the nature of Truth and Reality but simply sharing the facts from within our own respective worldviews.

I have a problem with this type of conversation because while I’m interested in what they have to say (most of the time) I’m also interested in getting at reality and truth (if such things can be attained!) and so if I feel the conversation will be prolonged or if this is a habit of someone with whom I anticipate speaking frequently I’ll generally ask for the following concession:

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Unless you’re going to represent a view that you don’t hold, don’t feel the need to qualify it by reminding me that it’s your particular view. Instead, take a stand and tell me how you think the world really is and I’ll do the same. We already know that our perspectives differ, so having acknowledged that let’s move forward and just do the stuff of reasoning together…


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