Irony In Rejecting Eyewitnesses

by Luke Nix

One of the objections that come up when discussing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, is that we cannot trust the Apostles. Even though the Apostles were eyewitnesses to the events of Jesus, they cannot be trusted because they are biased. 
It strikes me, and should you too, that someone would complain that an eyewitness believes what they saw. I mean, if I saw a car crash take place, should my testimony be discredited because I am biased towards its taking place? No. The reason is because my bias has a foundation. If I saw an event and refused to believe that it took place, I would be in denial of reality. And everyone should reject my testimony because of my denial of what I saw, in favor of those who accept what they saw.

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But let’s just say that I go along with the idea that founded bias (eyewitness testimony in this case) is still not to be trusted. If eyewitnesses cannot be trusted due to their bias, then we must reject any and all records of science and history that were recorded by eyewitnesses. We could only accept those who were not present to record what actually took place. Those who are not eye-witnesses can knowingly or unknowingly produce works of fiction…


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