Is the Bible Rated R or Just PG-13?

by Josh Fults

Murder. Sexual references. Gratuitous amounts of violence. Scenes of rape. Frightening Imagery. Adult situations. Deceit. Scandals. Scenes of war.  Incest. Sounds like a description of content from just about any rated R movie, doesn’t it? But actually, all of this content comes straight from scripture.

I am always surprised when someone says, “Reading the Bible is boring.” Seriously? Have you even read it, I want to ask? Aside from the fact that I believe it is the divinely inspired word of God, it is also some incredibly enjoyable reading. Sure, it has its slow parts (Leviticus anyone), but so much of it is simply good reading.

Skeptics of Christianity will often point out the atrocities and shady places in the Bible and ask, “How can you live by a book that contains all of this stuff?” Yet, many

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Christians will ignore or minimize areas in scripture that are not G rated.  Some believers have only given God’s word a cursory look, focusing on passages like John 3:16, while being completely oblivious to much of what goes on in scripture. Others only hear what they expect to hear or see what falls in line with their preconceived notions.

So, how is the Bible different from majority of today’s motion pictures that serve up a smorgasbord of debauchery and carnality? For starters, majority of what is churned out of Hollywood is for entertainment. Many of today’s films are simply to entertain, but always with a worldview smuggled in, I might add. Much of what we see on the big screen is a means of escapism. The viewer is to leave his brain at the door, enjoy a story, and escape from the world for a couple of hours. During this time period the person is meant to be entertained, often, by sinful situations, images, or scenes that are morally questionable…


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