Principles of Atheism: Atheists Have No Beliefs….Except…

Atheism Analyzed

It is common for Atheists to claim that they have no “beliefs”. This, they claim, is because there is no knowledge which is not based on materialist, empirical testing. But upon inspection, Atheists do have a number of beliefs which are not supported by empiricism, much less by logic. Here are a few examples.

1. Intellectual Anarchy is Freedom.
Atheists commonly claim a massive relief and feeling of freedom when they adopt the VOID. The obvious reason is that they have placed themselves into a rules-free zone, where there are no moral restrictions and no intellectual guide-lines, both of which are quite bothersome to the rebellious. But total freedom is actually anarchy, and for Atheists, it is anarchy of morality and intellectual process. The freedom gained is very heady, and it has consequences, none of which are morally or intellectually beneficial.

2. No Absolutes, absolutely.
This is necessary to prevent the need for a source for absolutes, and to prevent any danger of being subject to anything outside the self. The VOID is freedom from absolutes. The consequences, again, are untethered intellects and moral vacuum, both of which are filled with the individual ego.

3. Intellectual superiority.
Atheists are automatically self-endowed with intellectual superiority, merely by asserting empty rejections of theist arguments with no counter arguments to support their own opinions.

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The self-endowed faux elitism which Atheists think they have breeds contempt for all contrary inputs. Contempt and its handmaiden, ridicule, are the main intellectual outputs due to the lack of tethered, disciplined deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning requires that an answer be respected due to the validity of its premises. Atheists cannot respect answers which do not support their narrative, so they rationalize premises which support their preselected answer. When that fails, ridicule is next.

4. It is True that there is no Truth.
This is an example of non-coherence which results from the Atheist necessity for supporting narrative at the expense of rational argumentation.

Also, for Atheists, it is not necessary to anchor arguments in first principles because there are no first principles. Circularity (self-reference) or infinite regression is just fine, as is reference to Materialism or Scientism (deductively false ideologies). Logic is whatever the Atheist declares that it is…


The Poached Egg ApologeticsAtheism Analyzed: Principles of Atheism: Atheists Have No Beliefs….Except…



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