So Why Should I trust the Bible historically?

by Steve Wimmer

Last week I explained that I rarely drop the “Because the Bible says so!” bomb, but prefer to ask my friends to simply accept the New Testament (NT) as a collection of historical documents. If you want to take this approach but aren’t sure how to convince your friend of even that much – this post is for you!

A comprehensive case for the reliability of the NT can be made, and if you’re interested I suggest doing some research attempting to do just that. In conversation however, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to remember every single detail and even less likely that our friends will be interested in sitting around while we spout them off. I’m going to list a few major bullet points, each responding to a specific objection, that you should be able to remember without much difficulty.

“…and so after Jesus shot all the Roman soldiers with his laser pistol, he escaped the tomb – and everyone thought it was a resurrection!”

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1)      Lost in translation

This objection occurs less frequently, perhaps because it is the easiest to deal with. Some folks think that because of the enormous amount of time that has passed the Bible has been run through Google translate one too many times. Their objection says well, when things are translated from one language to another something of the original is lost and the Bible has been translated and re-translated so much that we can’t really know what the original was all about.

Response: The Bibles that we have access to today have all been translated directly to our language from the original text in Hebrew and Greek. While some elements of translation are difficult, expert level study and peer review mean that our translations are reliable versions of the original text.

2)      “Original” Really?

Our friends probably find it unbelievable that we have access to the original documents which were penned by the NT authors. What we have are versions from hundreds of years later, which must have missed the point…


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