Top 5 Silly Statements I was Told in College

by Paul Rezkalla

If you ever want a good laugh, just visit a college campus and listen in on some random conversations. The weirdest topics are discussed. Let’s face it. Lots of dumb things are heard on college campuses. Most come from the mouths of arrogant undergrad students who think they know everything, but they’re not the only ones…Sometimes professors take the cake! Especially when it comes to religion, theology, and philosophy. Why is it that professors who know little to nothing about religion, theology, and philosophy like to make bold assertions about religion, theology, and philosophy? I’ve heard my fair share of ridiculous allegations made in the name of academics and I’ve decided to list the top 5 here.

5. The census recorded in Luke 2 is obviously made up. Why would Caesar call everyone to their hometown in order to count them? Imagine if Obama wanted to count the population and ordered everyone to return to their hometown! Imagine the chaos that would ensue!

Of course! Because we always determine the historicity of an event in Antiquity by imagining how viable it would be if enacted in the 21st century! Great historical methodology!

The census recorded in Luke 2 that claimed everyone was ordered to return to their hometown in order to be counted cannot have been an actual event because we could not fathom Obama issuing such a command today. By using that line of reasoning we would have to throw out everything we know about history! The Egyptian Pharaohs and the Roman Emperors never viewed themselves as divine figures because President Obama would never do such a thing today. Ancient civilizations never utilized chariots as a primary means of transportation because Western society today would never resort to chariots because we have slightly more efficient modes of transportation in automobiles and planes (although I contend that chariots are much cooler).

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4. The Gospels were written 200 years after Jesus’ death.

I’ve yet to encounter any scholar of Antiquity who believes that. Even the most liberal dating of the New Testament puts the composition of the Gospels towards the end of the 1st century.

Mark: 70 AD

Matthew: 80 AD

Luke: 90 AD

John: 100 AD

These are rough dates and they air closer to those proposed by liberal scholars. The dating of the Gospels is tricky. There are several veins of scholarship that all have differing opinions, but mainstream New Testament scholarship is in agreement with regard to the Gospels being written before the 2nd century…


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