Was Jesus the Creator?

Most movies about Jesus, such as The Passion of the Christ, depict Jesus as powerless while being whipped, beaten, spit upon and nailed to a cross. Jesus never raised a fist, fought back, or retaliated in any way against his enemies. Some depict Jesus as weak because he refused to defend himself.

But the New Testament tells us something much different. It reveals that Jesus Christ is the most powerful, intelligent being in the universe who could have obliterated his enemies with a mere word from his lips. Have you ever thought of Jesus as the one of whom Genesis says, “created the heavens and the earth”?

As we gaze at the stars in a night sky or observe a raging ocean storm, the power and genius of creation becomes apparent. However, few think of Jesus Christ as the one who flung the stars in space and created the DNA of life.

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Prior to Jesus’ resurrection his disciples never fully understood his role in creation. They believed in him as Messiah, but couldn’t even begin to think of him as Creator of the universe. On the one hand, they saw him as a man who needed sleep, got hungry, felt pain and eventually died on the cross. On the other hand, they saw him heal the blind and lame, halt storms, turn water into wine, bring the dead back to life, and eventually rise from the dead. They were perplexed.

However, after Jesus’ resurrection, the apostles came to understand that the one who had been in their presence was actually the eternal Creator of the universe. It was only after they grasped who had been in their presence that they went everywhere proclaiming him as their risen Lord (See http://y-jesus.com/wwrj/6-jesus-rise-dead.php).

Let’s take a look at what they wrote about the one called Jesus of Nazareth…


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