What Is the Moral Law Argument for God’s Existence?

by Sean McDowell

Every human culture known to man has had a moral law. We find it in the records of past cultures as well as in all present societies. And the morality of all these societies is surprisingly similar, no matter how widely separated by time, geography, cultural development, or religious belief. The morality defined in the Jewish Ten Commandments, the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi, the Chinese Tao, and the Christian New Testament differs in detail and emphasis but not in essence.

For example, some societies allow individuals to kill to avenge a wrong, while others insist that all execution is the prerogative of the state. Some societies allow freedom in premarital sexual relationships or permit men to take more than one wife, while others forbid such behavior. But all have rules that say people cannot kill others at will or engage in sex with just anyone they want. These laws protect human life. They are rules that govern marriage and family relationships, condemn stealing, and encourage doing good to others.

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Throughout history some societies have enforced morality strictly, while others have been lax on one or more points. And within any society there have been people who resisted the imposition of morality on their behavior. When a significant number of these people gain enough power or support for their position, a significant aberration to the universal moral sense can then occur, as it did in Hitler’s Germany or in the acceptance of killing female babies in some Asian countries. Usually these aberrations have been short-lived because elements within or outside the society became outraged enough to rise up and stop the aberrant behavior. But despite such variations and distortions, the same basic sense of morality appears wherever humans live together. It’s as if many different orchestras are playing from the same score but adapting the harmonies to fit their own instruments.

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