What Super Bowl Halftime Shows Reveal About Us

by Anthony Weber

The halftime show at the Super Bowl reminded me yet again that we live in a very confused culture.  
On the one hand, we hear a myriad of voices rightly warning us about the ways in which women are objectified in our society.  Maybe it’s because there is already a recognition bias built into all of us. Both men and women tend to see women as a conglomeration of particular parts rather than a complete person. We even manage to do this when pictures are upside down.

It seems sensible to warn us away from a cultural trend wherein we are increasingly bombarded with images and messages that bolster an already flawed way in which we all perceive women.

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On the other hand, we use our biggest platforms to celebrate one of our most serious problems.  Beyonce may be a very nice person, and she certainly is a talented singer, but dressing up in leather lingerie complete with the standard wardrobe malfunction (no, I’m not linking to it) is hardly striking a blow for a renewed appreciation of women as women.

Unfortunately, just about every form of media portrays women in ways that increasingly influence us to view them not as people worthy of respect and honor but as a conglomeration of parts meant to entertain us. There’s a name for this: sexual objectification…


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