What we should all know about apologetics

Missional Women

Have you ever been shot down in front of people for saying or doing something? It’s embarrassing. I’m guessing the most common reactions when that happens is to either shut down and flee or fight back and lash out. Sadly, I’m generally more of a lash out, let me put you in your place type of person.

One time many years ago, the first day of class in my first year of college my professor started the class by saying, “If you’re a Christian raise your hand.” I was seriously excited as I raised my hand since I knew a total of 1 person on campus and thought this could be an opportunity to find some Christian friends. As I was looking around spotting the two other hands, the professor went on, “You won’t be by the end of this class. I teach evolution and if you don’t like it you can get out.” So, my sassy little self gathered my things and walked out in a effort to show him. Or maybe it was an effort to protect my pride of being shot down in front of people. I’m not sure.

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I’m quite confident Paul wouldn’t have responded this way. In Acts 17, just this 1 chapter, he gets kicked out of three different cities and yet he doesn’t pull a storm out in a huff or a timid retreat out of fear. In Thessalonica  a mob of people were shouting about how awful they were. In Berea things were going great but the crazy people from Thessalonica came up and started “agitating the crowds” talking bad about him again. Yet there is no mention of Paul getting his tunic in a bunch. He doesn’t start complaining about how here he is serving God and this is how he’s treated and repaid. Nope. Just determination to stay on mission.

So here’s how all this relates to apologetics…


The Poached Egg ApologeticsWhat we should all know about apologetics – Missional Women



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