Why I’m optimistic about Christianity’s future

By Johnnie Moore

I’ve been asked more times than I can remember by secular people and the secular press if Christianity is now, truly…finally…a dying religion.

The scenario plays out a bit like this.

A reporter, after rattling off a steady stream of apocalyptic examples “supported by research,” then asks something like: “Given the decline of Christian influence in our society, and around the world, is Christianity on a respirator?”

At this moment, I think they expect me –us — to jump on the blame bandwagon, and moan on about why Christianity is in danger of being relegated to history’s dustbin.

Christianity’s influence is seeded on every continent, and it is forcefully on the move.

If you’re a young leader, as am I, they expect us to unleash a torrent of criticism about what Christians and their standard bearers have done wrong.

The conversation, then, is supposed to take on a “change-or-die” funeral tenor to advance the cultural narrative that the relic of Christianity is on its way out. Our world, it is inferred, is evolving beyond religion — especially the evangelical kind.

So, you can imagine the wrench it throws into their gears when I declare my fanatical optimism for Christianity’s future.

Think about it.

The evidence is everywhere.

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Never before have masses of evangelicals and Catholics been more engaged in the public square. The novelty of Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority has been multiplied a thousand times over, cementing the role of evangelicals and Catholics in every major election since Ronald Reagan. This was especially apparent in 2012 when evangelicals represented 27% of the electorate (the highest ever) with 78% of them voting for a single candidate, a Mormon nonetheless.

Prominent Christians, like Mike Huckabee, have the ability to instantly mobilize millions of Christians in support of causes that matter to them, and the Obama administration’s hostility toward religious liberty didn’t shove people of faith into obscurity. The bullying ignited a powder keg of religious liberty that has produced unprecedented solidarity among Catholics and Evangelicals, almost like we’ve never seen before…


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