Why Reason Supports Believing in God

by Al Serrato

Many atheists refuse to consider the evidence for God’s existence, insisting that before they can accept God, we must first be able to explain where God came from, and how. They accuse Christians of relying “just so” stories, insisting that they, by contrast, rely on “science” to support their conclusion that evolution explains life on Earth. “Faith” and reason are opposites, they contend, and matters of faith and matters of science occupy separate and non-intersecting fields. Getting them to see the flaw in this thinking can be the first step in getting them to consider the truth claims of Christianity.

There are, indeed, many reasons to conclude that “someone,” rather than nothing, is there, from the evidence that has been left behind. Like footprints left in the sand, or a message spelled out using alphabet cereal, there are aspects of the universe and its contents that allow us to infer that something – someone – created it, and that the creator was intelligent. There is the exquisite order, fine-tuning and complexity of the universe, the presence of information embedded in life in the

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form of DNA, the existence of consciousness, imagination and intelligence, the recognition of moral rules, the universal language of music and math – all these bear witness to the Designer’s hand. But, the atheist objects, we already know people exist, so proving, for example, that someone walked in the sand, by his footprints, or left a message with the cereal, doesn’t really translate into proof that God exists.

But this challenge can also be met, by using an example from a modern scientific endeavor. All around the globe, radio telescopes are probing the distant reaches of space, hoping to pick up the telltale signals of intelligent life. Frequency ranges have be devoted to this pursuit by international agreement, so as to increase the chance that signal pollution from Earth bound sources do not interfere. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been have been committed to this effort to find what no one definitively can say exists – life in the cosmos. The effort is called SETI – the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

These are not religious fundamentalists at work; they are highly educated and trained scientists who know what so many in academia refuse to acknowledge – that reason can be employed to conclude that “something is out there…


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