Why Study Messianic Prophecy? Tips in Studying Messianic Prophecy

by Eric Chabot

Why should we study Messianic Prophecy?

a. Messianic prophecy should be studied to show us God is sovereign in the midst of a chaotic and unstable world. Hence, God is working in the affairs of mankind.

b. Messianic prophecy reminds us that God has a redemptive plan for Israel and the nations.

c. Messianic prophecy should motivate us to holy living. It should also cause to re-evaluate our priorities. If God has brought the Messiah into the world to bring redemption, He will bring Him back to complete the messianic task.

What is the Relationship Between Messianic Prophecy and Apologetics ?

a. Apologetics is the branch of theology that is concerned with defending or proving the truth of belief in Jesus; formal argumentation in defense of something, such as a position or system.

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b. The Bible is considered to be God’s revelation to mankind. However, The Quran, The Book of Mormon, and other holy books are considered to be God’s word.  Messianic prophecy has apologetic value in that it confirms the Bible as a true revelation.

c. Historical Verification: Has God revealed Himself in the course of human history? If so, when and where has He done this?

d.  While prophecy does not prove the existence of God, it does show that unusual events predicted in his Name that come to pass are evidence of his special activity.

e. Fulfilled prophecy is a distinctively accessible and a testable kind of miracle. The prophecy was made and its accuracy cannot be explained either causally (for example, on the ground that it brought about its own fulfillment) or as accidental, and hence that it was probably miraculous (see J.L. Mackie in Swinburne, Miracles, 90).

f. The majority of the Jewish community thinks the Messiah has not come. Is this correct?


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