Why the Bible Is and Is Not a Science Book

by Mike Johnson

I think the claim that “the Bible is not a science book” is generally true, but I think it depends on what we mean when we say science book.

Typically, a science book that is used to teach students science is dedicated cover to cover to teaching science. In this sense the Bible is not a science book because it’s not dedicated cover to cover to teaching science. The setting of the Bible spans from the creation of the universe to a future age, and in the main teaches the story of God’s redemption of mankind in the form of law, history, poetry, prophesy, wisdom, the message of the Gospels and letters of instruction for Christian living. This is not what we refer to as scientific instruction.

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On the other hand, to say that the Bible at no point teaches on matters related to science is not true. The Bible does make mention of certain processes and conditions in nature, but when it does, it is in a context that isn’t specifically scientific. But the way in which we understand and study those same processes and conditions today is primarily in the realm of modern science.

For example, the hydrologic cycle (the continuous pathway water takes including rain, water flow, evaporation, condensation, then rain again) is something meteorologists are keenly aware of and most of us learn in science class. But, this process is also described in numerous passages in Scripture. Here are a few, from the NASB…


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