Accessibility As An Apologetic Aim

by J Warner Wallace

OK, now that I’ve embarrassed myself by writing a title for this post that brutalizes the letter “A” with reckless abandon, let me tell you that I believe this sentence to be true. Accessibility is always my personal goal as a Christian Case Maker, and I’ve been delighted with early reviews of Cold-Case Christianity that describe the book as, first and foremost, accessible. Now this may simply be a consequence of my own intellectual simplicity, but I will tell you that I made a conscious effort to write a book that was entertaining, straightforward and easily grasped. In fact, Cold-Case Christianity was actually my second effort at writing a book of this nature.

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I began a year earlier and wrote two complete chapters. I gave them to my wife, Susie, and asked her for her opinion. She told me they were boring. She was right (she is always right about such things), so I shelved the effort for a year until Sean McDowell encouraged me once again. Susie has always been my best editor and critic. When I was in art school, she was the one person I trusted to tell me if my work was sincere or simply an effort to please the educated and elitist professors and art critics who would eventually sit on my jury. I used to tell her that she was my “untrained eye”; the one person who could tell me if my work was accessible to others or simply a self-indulgent work of arrogance. So I trusted her to tell me if each chapter of Cold-Case Christianity was readable and engaging…


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